Water Control Gate

water control gate
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We have a range of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), Aluminum and the “trendy” Composite Flap Gates. This range comprises of lightweight, corrosion resistant flap gates which act as Non-Return Gates and check gates for the prevention of reverse flows.

Flap gates are designed for use at the discharge point of water control systems. They prevent back flow or intrusion of tidal waters or storm waters back through the discharge structure.

Flap Gates may be installed on all size discharge openings.

Typical applications include discharges to tidal waters, manholes, culverts, reservoirs, ponds basins and standpipes. Flap Gates permit the outflow of water while preventing back flow.


  • Lightweight
  • Custom built to client’s requirements
  • Low crack formation and propagation
  • Easy and quick installation Robust and rigid construction
  • UV stable
  • Corrosion resistant
  • No maintenance required (maintenance only on seals)